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Worlds Largest Ghost Hunt at The Knickerbocker Hotel!

Investigate the Knickerbocker

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Join Dave Juliano and friends for the World's Largest Ghost Hunting on National Ghost Hunting Day!


This is the lowest price for tickets to this great location so do not miss it 

Save$25 off the regular price!  Space is VERY limited


This is great for bit novice and experienced ghost hunters.   You will be able to roam freely and investigate where you want just like usual but we will also have some experiments for the World's Larbest Ghost Hunt as well.   There are 100's of investigations happening simultaneously all over the world.  Dave and Investigators from South Jersey Ghost Research, one of the oldest groups in the country, will be on hand to help and to assist anyone who is new to ghost hunting.   Come investigate one of the most haunted places we have ever been!   We like to refer to the "Knick" as a paranormal amusement park because each room, each hallway, each area has its own unique paranormal activity.  It’s like doing multiple investigations all inside one building!   There's a full bar that is very active.  Investigate a room filled with dolls, some a little haunted.  Walk through the decades as you explore each area.   There are haunted objects, visiting spirits and resident spirits too.  This is your investigation!  You can explore the building on your own at your own pace.  Bring your own equipment and The GhostHunter Store will have equipment that everyone can use and test drive in some of the most active areas.   If you're new to this, then bring your senses and your phone.  Your phone has a camera and audio recorder so your set.  


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"Established in July 2016, National Ghost Hunting Day™ recognizes and celebrates the novice, curious and expert execution of ghost hunting methods. As an official listing on the National Day Calendar, it is held on the last Saturday of each September. This date was chosen by design, commencing the start of each new Halloween season. Its noble intention is to globally promote the most haunted properties in the world while recognizing the work of paranormal investigators dedicated to these iconic locations!

Since its inception, National Ghost Hunting Day™ has been celebrated with its signature epic event, the World's Largest Ghost Hunt™! No better platform can serve and deliver its intent and purpose. Its pillars include historic preservation, unity of its investigative contributors, para-psychology research and public education about these historic sites thru the dedicated craft of ghost hunters."  - nationalghosthuntingday.com

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How did you like the event

How did you like the event

 Buying the ticket was easy but the event itself lacked a bit. First, the announcement said ‘join Dave’ but Dave wasn’t there. Second, there was no staff introductions. Third, there was no tour of the location. Fourth, the staff was so worried about being online and the guests were not necessarily encouraged to be included with that until the last hour at the bar.

Sep 27, 2022
by: Diane Bartolozzi
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