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Your real clients and consumers will be asked to review your product or service.


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TrustedViews is a platform that simply integrates with your website and allows consumers to review your service and product. It verifies each user to make sure they are the real consumer of the product and service to ensure you are not getting good or bad reviews from random or fake people over the internet.

Why Do I Need Reviews?

Consumers hesitate to purchase products or use a service that they don't know enough about and they simply do not trust your words for it. Most consumers search for your reviews online before making any purchase.

How Is It Different?

There are many free and paid review systems out there. Why should I use TrustedViews?

That is true that there are a lot of review platforms out there on the internet. Most of them are filled with reviews from unverified users. Basically anyone can leave you a review on those platforms and can ruin your reputation. A competitor, an ex-employee! However TrustedViews integrate with your website to allow reviews only from the people who have used or purchased your product or service.

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