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The reviews from verified consumers for consumers
The reviews you can trust and contribute to


Search and read reviews for the product or service you are considering to purchase, right on the business website.


Purchase and use the product or service for a certain amount of time depending on the category of the product.


A few days after your purchase is complete, you will be asked to review and share your experience.


TrustedViews allows you to read reviews and insights from real consumers, making sure that the reviewers have used that service for a certain amount of time which varies from product to product, before they got permission to leave a review.

How Is It Different?

There are many free and paid review systems out there. Why should I use TrustedViews?

That is true that there are a lot of review platforms out there on the internet. Most of them are filled with reviews from unverified users. Basically anyone can leave any review for a product or service. You never know if the review is made by the business itself, or its agents or it is left by a competitor, an ex-employee or a real consumer! However TrustedViews integrates with the business website to ensure that reviews are made by real, verified consumers who have used the product or service for a certain amount of time.

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