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Weed Olympics

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Brooklyn, NY


+ Speed Beer Pong - One vs One, you will go ahead to head against someone. There will be 6 cups, and each person is required to get 4 balls inside the cup first to win. If you miss, you hit the blunt, joint or bong. First one, advances to next round. 3 rounds total. Winner get 1 zip flower.

+ Flip Cup - Each person is required to flip 5 cups. If you don't flip it, you must to take bong hit. Person to flip 5 cups fastest, advances to next round. 3 rounds total. Winner get 1 zip flower.

+ Blunt Rolling Contest/ Puffing Contest - Each person will be required to roll a blunt while smoking a blunt. If it goes out, you lose. Best rolled and smoked blunts... Advances to next game and final rounds.

Part 2 - Puffing Contest - Top 8 blunt rollers advance to Puffing Contest. Puff until you cough! No air, just puff after puff... Until you go down! Winner take home 1 zip of flower.

+ Vape Puffing Contest - Simple, how many Vape hit can you take in a row .. without coughing! Best, deepest hits impress. Top 8 advance top King Of Hill Game!

All Winners of each event - Advance to King Of Hill

+ King Of Hill - each person will have to roll 2 dice on table. Whatever comes up is the amount of hits you must consume. After 2 rounds, last 3 standing advance to final round.
The final round will include 3 dice... 

Last man standing wins 1 zip of flower.

There will be food vendors, dope music, weed vendors selling all levels of flower, edibles vendors, mixed drinks, frozen drinks as well as virgin refreshments.

Returns Policy:

All sales are final (No returns)

Exchange / Upgrade Policy:

Exchange / upgrade accepted within the same event (no money back) Click here to go to the event

Exchange / upgrade accepted up to 2 hours before the event.

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