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### TNA Paranormal Presents: An Interactive Ghost Hunt


**Date:** August 12th, 2024  

**Time:** 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM  

**Location:** Online Event (Live from Woodland Cemetery, Des Moines, Iowa)


Join TNA Paranormal for an exhilarating virtual ghost hunt, streaming live from the historic Woodland Cemetery. This interactive online event allows you to participate in a real-time paranormal investigation, ask questions directly to the spirits, and enjoy various interactive sessions.


**Event Highlights:**


- **Live Guided Investigation:** Watch as our team of expert ghost hunters explores the cemetery's most haunted areas in real-time.

- **Guest Interaction:** Ask your questions directly to the spirits through our investigators and enjoy additional interactive elements during the live sessions.

- **Real-Time Equipment Demonstration:** Learn how to use professional paranormal tools such as EMF meters, spirit boxes, and thermal cameras.

- **Live EVP Sessions:** Participate in Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) sessions and listen for potential communications from the other side.

- **Historical Insights:** Discover the rich history of Woodland Cemetery and the stories behind its most famous residents.


**What to Expect:**


- **Interactive Experience:** Use the live chat feature to communicate with our team, share your thoughts, and contribute to the investigation.

- **Educational Content:** Gain insights into the methods and tools used in paranormal investigations.




- **Level 1 Ticket:** $20 per person

- **Level 2 Ticket:** $30 per person (includes extended access to the investigation)

- **Level 3 Ticket:** $40 per person (includes an exclusive Q&A session with our lead investigator, Tim, after the event)


**How to Purchase Tickets:**


- Tickets can be purchased through [Ticketor](https://www.ticketor.com/) or an approved team member.

- Registration is your ticket to the event.


Don't miss this chance to explore the unknown and experience the thrill of a live ghost hunt. Secure your spot for this unforgettable virtual event today

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