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The Old Hospital On College Hill

Overnight Ghost Hunt!

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Join Get Haunted and our special Guest Investigator – Daryl Maston we guide you through a potentially terrifying night at The Old Hospital On College Hill.


Daryl is back and his prior experiences at this location will be a tremendous asset to the night’s investigation.


Your experience will be custom tailored to your experience level. We will work right alongside you all evening long to help realize the maximum potential of this extremely haunted former hospital.


Snacks / Beverages are provided for the entirety of the evening. Caring and experienced investigators will lead you through custom tailored and structured sessions, share their equipment with you (you can also bring your own), and push your limits with isolation challenges, and more. 


As always - we will have amazing giveaways and if nothing else, an amazing time investigating this old hospital, into the wee hours of the morning.


What to expect:

Snacks/Beverages all night, Equipment Sharing, Para-Challenges, Guided Investigations, SMALL groups, Evidence Review, A hell of a fun time, and more….


Ticket Tiers:


Neophyte : perfect for the beginner …. You are there for roughly half of the night. Can upgrade on site if you desire.


Veteran: You are a seasoned vet and you are here for a serious investigation. You’re here all night with us… we will cater our sessions to your skill level


VIP Meet and Greet:  You get early access to the event, meet and greet with Daryl and Get Haunted, Photo Ops, prizes, and more. You ARE part of the team for the night!






Atop of “College Hill” sits the old Williamson Memorial Hospital now referred to as The Old Hospital on College Hill.  The hospital was named after Wallace J. Williamson, the son of Benjamin Williamson who once owned the land that is now known as the City of Williamson.  The Old Hospital on College Hill opened March 3, 1928, after a fire destroyed the original structure downtown in the winter of 1926.


This four-floor, 50-bed state of the art facility served as a hospital for 60 years. In the beginning the emergency room was located in the basement along with a cafeteria, radiology department and the lab. Later the emergency room was moved to the 1st floor (street level) to make it more accessible.  There was an ICU on the 1st floor, obstetrics on the 2nd floor, medical & surgical rooms on the 3rd floor and a pharmacy on the 4th floor.



  • While still in operation, a woman came to give birth. While waiting, a nurse walked in and told her, “she wouldn’t be having her baby that day and that she could return home”. As she was leaving, another nurse stopped her and asked where she was going and the lady said, “The nurse told me to leave.” The nurse said, “What nurse? I’m the only nurse on this floor today.”
  • There was a Dr. Salton who had a horse that had become ill and required surgery. He brought it to the hospital, where he walked it in, onto the elevator and transported it to one of the operating rooms. It has been reported hearing the “clacking” noises of the hooves on the 3rd floor.
  • There is a story of a nurse who passed away at the old hospital and employees still see her working even after her death. A construction worker saw her on the 4th floor and refused to go back to that floor during the renovation of the building.
  • There have been reports of a “floating nurse” being seen in the basement. She has been seen going between the two x-ray rooms at the end of the hall.
  • Lights have been reported coming on and off, people staring out the windows, shadow figures and smoke out the top of the building. Police have been called only to find no one inside the building.
  • A tour guide repeatedly became ill in the left X-Ray room. Flashlights (with brand new batteries) would die/flicker upon entering the room. A local medium told the cast/crew that there was a man behind the X-Ray control panel that did not want the crew in that room.
  • It has been reported the elevator would stop on floors that were not being used. The way the elevator operates, someone would have to press the button on that floor for it to go to those specific floors. The doors to the floors that weren’t being used were locked. Several times lights and/or figures could be seen through the doors as they passed the unoccupied floors.


  • On January 23, 1956, a Norfolk & Western Passenger Train derailed and crashed in Cedar, West Virginia. The engineer was killed, 9 passengers were hospitalized, and 14 others received treatment. Those 23 individuals involved in the crash were brought to Williamson Memorial Hospital.
  • In July of 1962, a gunman who had murdered a Williamson police officer, leaped from a 2nd floor window, possibly attempting to commit suicide, but didn’t die in the fall. Weeks later however, he passed away from injuries sustained.

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How did you like the event

How did you like the event


Nov 07, 2022
by: LuAnn Elmore

How did you like the event

 Rob and the Get Haunted team was top notch. They had a plan to provide the best experience for all and to impart both their knowledge as well as to teach tips on the paranormal. He catered to both the veteran ghost hunter as well as newbie and ran a great event. I've worked with Rob before with a different team and am happy that he now has such a great team of his own. Looking forward to working with them all again soon.

Nov 07, 2022
by: Wendy Petrohoy

How did you like the event

   The Get Haunted crew was a blast. Easy going and knowledgeable, it's definitely worth attending one of their events.

Nov 06, 2022
by: Raymond Newsome
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