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Fitness & Wellbeing Festival

SweatFest™ is a fun, exciting, whole family fitness experience.  There are of course classes for the adults but there are also classes specifically for kids, introduce them into fun, engaging exercise that doesn't feel like exercise.  

There are also classes whereby your kids can join in with you and you do the class together.  

The gates will open at 8:30am on Saturday 23rd July 2022.  There will be many things for you to roam around and look at, classes will start at 8:30am

There will be lots to do at the festival, there will be market stalls selling all kinds of wares.  There will be food available, drinks, seating and picnic areas.  There will be fitness merchandise on sale and lots more. 

There will also be entertainment, for both adults and kids (Under 3's free entry).  There will be an interlude in the middle of the day but there will be live music playing whilst you enjoy your lunch or a stroll or just a sit down.  There will be various things for the kids to do too whilst you're relaxing. 

Please note:  Children always remain the responsibility of their parent or guardian.  SweatFest™ or its team members cannot be held responsible for anybody's children.  

Returns Policy:

Returns accepted up to 48 hours before the event.

Service charges may apply for the return of tickets as follows:

  1. Return for store credit: 0.00% of the ticket price is deducted
  2. Refund to your credit card: 9.00% of the ticket price is deducted

Exchange / Upgrade Policy:

No exchange

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3.25 / 5.00 based on 4 reviews

How did you like the event?

How did you like the event?


Jul 25, 2022
by: Gemma Freeman

How did you like the event?


Jul 24, 2022
by: Corrie Lavallee

How did you like the event?

   I bought tickets for myself & my Wife who couldn't attend on the day as she was in unwell in bed. My main reason for purchasing tickets was to take part in the boot camp. I arrived about 1100 expecting a 1200 start but after being told 1230 due to the team events over running with the second wave finishing about 1330, I was told the boot camp would be about 1500 at least! I had wasted enough of my day waiting at the event, especially as my Wife was unwell so left about 1400.

Jul 24, 2022
by: Neil Galling

How did you like the event?

   Battleground was great fun but could have been run better - shame there was no proper presentation for the non-pro winners and we were kept around waiting before and after - missed out on a number of great classes because of this. As a first time, this sweatfest was really good fun and had a great energy. More healthy food stalls and gluten free options please next time! Everyone was so friendly too. Thank you!!

Jul 24, 2022
by: Jamie Auld
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