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Static Monsters 2020 - Ohio

Unspeakable Strength

Static Monsters returns for 2020 with bonus Unspeakable Strength events for those brave enough to attempt them!  This will be a USS sanctioned event, so first place novice winners and top 3 opens, teens, and masters get an invite to the 2021 USS Nationals being held in Minneapolis, MN on June 5, 2021.  

Static Monsters is a worldwide event where athletes around the globe compete in the same two events - log press & 18" axle deadlift - for a worldwide ranking and possibly and invite to the 2021 World Championships to be held in July 2021 in Obetz, Ohio.  

Adaptive athletes - you will be doing your Static Monsters events on 10/25 at Next Level Fitness in Pickerington, Ohio - address:  1729 Hill Rd N, Pickerington, OH 43147

Rules and general details about Static Monsters can be found here:  Static Monsters Web Page

Unspeakable Strength is, literally, the heaviest amateur strongman contest on the planet.  Example:  last year, the yoke for the SHW men was 1300 pounds, the frame 1000, and the husafel stone was 550.  Those are not typos.  Why would I make a show so heavy?  Because I got sick of hearing morons on social media complain that strongman is getting too light.  This is my giant middle finger to all of them.  This year, we plan to have a frame carry, a natural stone load (including a replica of the world famous "unliftable" Cyr stone), a husafel stone carry, and a yoke.

Weights for Unspeakable and any updates will be posted on the Facebook event page:  Facebook event page

Event Rules:  

Log Press: 3 attempts for max weight, Wessels rules.  Wrist wraps, elbow sleeves (even the Inzer ones), knee sleeves, and belts are allowed. No built up belts. If you use a lever belt, the buckle needs to be to the side or behind. Anyone pressing under 125 pounds will be using a 12" steel log.  Anyone pressing under 200 will be using a 12" wood log.  All presses over 200 will use a much larger 12" wood log.  

* seated adaptive athletes will do an incline log press.  Standing one-armed athletes will use a monster bell.  

Max 18 inch axle deadlift: 3 attempts, Wessels rules. Athletes will give their openers during registration. Strap in, pull, wait for the down command, lower the weight under control. You drop it, you miss the lift. Suits, knee sleeves, straps, versa grips are allowed.

* seated adaptive athletes will use a lever lift.  Same rules apply.  

Husafel:  Pick from the ground, max distance, turns at about 30 feet.  30 second time limit to pick the stone, no time on the carry, though at these weights, I don't figure you're gonna carrying all that long.  If you fail the pick from the ground, you will be allowed to take a pick from a 36 inch platform - however, if someone in your class gets at least 10 feet after picking from the ground, they will place ahead of you, regardless of how far you go after the high pick.  Suits, briefs, knee sleeves, knee wraps, belts, forearm sleeves (without tacky), receiver gloves are allowed.  

Frame: 20 feet as fast as possible. 60 second time limit. Multiple drops allowed. Suits, briefs, knee wraps, sleeves, and STRAPS are allowed (no hooks, though). This is about your ability to carry heavy stuff, not grip.

Yoke: 20 feet as fast as possible. 60 second time limit. Multiple drops allowed. We'll be on stall mats so sliding will be pretty much impossible. If you do somehow manage to slide the yoke, 2 second penalty and my undying respect.  Suits, briefs, knee sleeves, knee wraps, belts are allowed.

Max Natural Stone: 36 inch platform, 3 attempts, Wessels rule in effect. Load the heaviest stone you possibly can.  Athlete may NOT use the apparatus to help get the stone over the bar (i.e. grabbing the platform and humping the stone over).  It’s gotta be all you, bro.  Sleeves and spray tacky or tacky towels are allowed, NO ATLAS STONE TACKY.

Returns Policy:

All sales are final (No returns)

Exchange / Upgrade Policy:

Exchange / upgrade accepted within the same event (no money back) Click here to go to the event

Exchange / upgrade accepted up to 2 hours before the event.

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How did you like the event?

How did you like the event?

   Definitely coming back next year!!

Oct 26, 2020
by: Tyler Kapla

How did you like the event?

   Greatest and heaviest amateur strongman contest in the world

Oct 26, 2020
by: Shawn Brooks

How did you like the event?


Oct 26, 2020
by: Jason Sowards

How did you like the event?

   Had a blast. Never a dull moment.

Oct 25, 2020
by: Charles Quigley

How did you like the event?


Oct 25, 2020
by: Dan Cordle

How did you like the event?

   As advertised heaviest comp on the planet! Had a great time as always

Oct 25, 2020
by: Matt Ballman
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