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Starface Full Moon Women's Circle

Please join us for a magical night under the full moon, for the Starface Full Moon Women's Circle on December 14, 2019.

Festivities will begin around 6:30pm and run until midnight.

The night's tentative schedule includes:

- CONNECTING WITH YOUR SISTERS: When women come together with each others best interests in mind, magic happens. Come share + "let go" in a safe, sacred space created by sisters who care.

- ASTROLOGY: Learn about the astrology for the full moon and its potential to help us manifest our desires + heal old wounds. We will also work on setting intentions for the upcoming month.

- MINI MOON READINGS: Those who have ordered/scheduled in advance can also receive mini moon readings. Learn about your moon sign and how this full moon will more personally influence your life. (Includes mini written report and 15 minute discussion session. $35 Additional fee. These readings must be booked, scheduled + paid for BEFORE the event. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact me at [email protected]!)

- CANDLE MAKING: Make and anoint your own custom full moon candle.

- MOON CRYSTAL CHARGING: Bring your crystals to charge them with the healing energy of the full moon, sisterhood and the intentions you wish to set. (Crystals and stones will also be available for purchase at the event.)

- MOON MEDITATION: Experience the power and relaxation of group meditation under the full moon.

- SWIM BY THE MOONLIGHT: Bring your swimsuit and enjoy a refreshing swim under the full moon.


**Admission fee is $15 before December 3rd, $20 anytime thereafter. 
**Mini Moon Readings require birth date, birth time and birth location

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