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The Downlow - Soft Opening Party



Introducing The Downlow: Milwaukee's Premier Adult Events Venue!


Hey there Sexies! Are you ready to experience an event space like no other? Get ready to be swept off your feet by the magnetic allure of The Downlow, an innovative and captivating events venue that's all about embracing your naughtier side and creating unforgettable memories. Located on the outskirts of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, The Downlow is set to become the ultimate destination for adults seeking an exciting and unique entertainment experience.


 Discover The Space: Unveiling Sensuality:


Spread across two levels with a private patio in the back, The Downlow offers a dynamic and versatile environment that's perfect for a variety of occasions. The Downlow doesn't just embrace your wild side – it gives it a seductive hug! Our design strikes the perfect balance between sensuality and sophistication, ensuring a sexy and welcoming atmosphere that's tailor-made for adults who want to let loose and have a wickedly good time.

We know your next question so we will just answer this right here and now. Is The Downlow a play on site swing club?

Sadly, it is not. We wish it was, but with the county and the states complex laws, statutes, and health and fire codes, at this time there just isn’t a legal way to operate a brick and mortar on premise club at this time.

We have however built the next best thing: instead of swing club that we can’t open we’re opening a club for swingers designed by swingers, meaning we are accommodating as many sexy things as we can allowed by law! Let us tell you about it 😊


Let your Imagination run wild.


Looking for excitement that matches your electrifying spirit? You've found it. Whether you're in the mood for steamy parties, enlightening seminars, or the most tantalizing market bazaars, The Downlow is your mecca The Downlow has you covered. Our space is intentionally designed to accommodate a range of themes and events, all while ensuring your privacy and security. With ample parking and a convenient freeway location, accessing the venue is a breeze. We've fine-tuned the art of being mysteriously irresistible!

Plus, our partnership with a nearby hotel makes it easier than ever for you to turn your visit into a memorable overnight adventure.


Cutting-Edge Entertainment:


Get ready to be blown away by state-of-the-art sound systems pumping out heart-thumping beats. We have two DJ booths, and two small stages ready to be used in so many ways! The Downlow is all about offering a top-notch setting for countless forms of entertainment to match the vibe of the event of the moment. From sultry dance nights to unique, jaw dropping performances, The Downlow delivers an entertainment experience that's as thrilling as your desires.


Unveil the Grand Opening and Sneak Peek:



Circle **Saturday, September 16th** on your calendar and get ready to unleash your inner rebel at our Sneak peek opening bash! Raunchy Robot! Featuring Tony Wan Kenobi will be conjuring magic with his scintillating sci-fi beats, setting the stage for a night that's sure to leave you breathless 

But wait, there's a wild twist – This is an exclusive soft opening, where you're not just invited, you're our VIP, and all of our VIP’s are FREE TO ATTEND! All We are going to ask for your feedback from our sultry soft opening it will help shape this unique space into something even more extraordinary and finally give the thriving local swing community what it deserves – a home, a GOLDEN TICKET to nights of fantasies turned into reality, into memories to relive again and again.

It will be a full party experience in our amazing new space with an atmosphere dripping with the air of seduction, from mouthwatering drinks to a sensual soundtrack, lighting to enhance allure, and so much more.

We have a hotel very close by with rooms available until the 9th of September or until they are sold out. We are also hosting a daytime scavenger hunt as an icebreaker (I’m sorry we still have a nominal fee for that to cover costs, but it should be a great time for all who participate) with some great prizes.




Our Official Grand Opening Party is BAD APPLE: A Good Girl Gone Bad Halloween party taking place on OCT 21st, and it is going to be off the hook! It will blow your minds! As an added bonus anyone who attends our soft opening on Sept 16th will get a grand (see what I did there?) discount on the Halloween bash, as a thank you.

Tickets for both events can be found at www.ticketswinger.com


Be Part of History:


We're beyond thrilled to introduce you to The Downlow and make your wildest dreams come true. Be a part of the sizzling legacy! Join us for the soft opening and become a part of the Downlow journey.


Claim Your Front-Row Seat to History:


Be a part of the sizzling legacy! We're beyond thrilled to introduce you to The Downlow – your new haven for thrills and chills. The grand opening is your golden ticket to a night of fantasies turned reality. And let's not forget, your feedback from our sultry soft opening will guide us in making The Downlow even more unforgettable.

Tempted to jump headfirst into the adventure? Ready to Indulge? Secure your spot now before the guest list is full!


Snag your Free tickets NOW!


Desire more information? Follow us on FB to stay in the loop, see what’s coming your way (we anticipate up to 50, yes 50! Incredible choices between now and the end of 2024!), get your tickets, ignite your curiosity, and hey, if you're feeling extra bold, inquire about locking in The Downlow for your own private escapade.



Disclaimer: Must be 21 to attend

Disclaimer: this is an off premise event ( no full nudity and no sexual acts- sorry it'sthe law) 



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All sales are final (No returns)

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4.3 / 5.0 based on 6 reviews

How did you like the event?

How did you like the event?


Oct 22, 2023
by: Charles Doughty

How did you like the event?

   It was great. The music was a bit underwhelming and the shots were small than expected but the crowd was cool. I wish more people utilized the dance floor.

Sep 18, 2023
by: Verified consumer

How did you like the event?

   Nice venue. Will be even better with more sexy decor.

Sep 18, 2023
by: David Hilgendorf

How did you like the event?


Sep 17, 2023
by: Paul Thompson

How did you like the event?


Sep 17, 2023
by: Verified consumer

How did you like the event?


Sep 17, 2023
by: Bill McCormick
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