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Sisters From Other Misters

November 10th 2023 8:30PM

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Sisters from Other Misters

A musical written and directed by Anahí de Cárdenas.

Cast: Alexandra Barandiaran, Anahí de Cárdenas, Ximena Galiano & Karla Bacigalupo.

Musical Direction by Augusto Madueño.

Music by Jose Miguel Ríos & Anahí de Cárdenas.

Producers: Anahí de Cárdenas & Christian Rodrigo.

Produced by Full Emotions, Inc.

An adaptation from the Peruvian play "Té de Tías".


Embark on a heartwarming journey with Micaela as she reconnects with her dearest friends – Alissa, Chiara, and Victoria – after a year and a half apart. In a night filled with unexpected twists and turns, they will all be challenged to understand the profound meaning of friendship. It's a powerful reminder that genuine bonds can withstand any test. Join us for a night of resilience, love, and the inspiring beauty of true friendship. Together, we'll celebrate the unbreakable spirit that connects us all.




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4.8 / 5.0 based on 5 reviews

How did you like the event?

How did you like the event?


Nov 18, 2023
by: Luis Lazo

How did you like the event?

 I loved the show. I was laughing histerically! The ladies did an amazing job. 100 percent would recommend to a friend to go and see. Thank you so much for the amazing time and show.

Nov 11, 2023
by: Kevin Krause

How did you like the event?

   Cute, funny, performers were engaging, but the sound needed to be adjusted better. Heard everything BUT the performers when they were speaking. The face mic could be smaller and less distracting.

Nov 11, 2023
by: Jess Flores

How did you like the event?

   Amazing show and experience

Nov 11, 2023
by: Maria Plevisani

How did you like the event?

   Good acting, nice story!

Nov 11, 2023
by: Maria Oeters
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