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Event details are as follows: Step 1 purchase your ticket before 7.30 pm on 30/08/2021. Step 2 keep a journal and capture videos and pictures of your road trip to Salt Creek. Step 3 keep a journal, video and picture diary of your weekend and any fish caught over the weekend. (keeping in mind to have all pictures and video timestamped). Step 4 keep a journal and capture video and pictures of your road trip home from Salt Creek. Step 5 Once home use all material gathered over the weekend and put together a video journal of your Salt Creek Fishing Trip 2021(Minimum video length of 5 minutes and maximum of 10 minutes) and post that along with a copy of your pre-purchased ticket to the Salt Creek Fishing Trip 2021 Post on the Aussie Road Travel group post. (Link At Bottom Of This Descríption).


  • activity content = score from 0 to 10
  • every journal must capture a toilet stop with no amenities = score 0 to 5
  • proof that a fishing line was cast into the ocean with a baited rig attached = score from 0 to 10
  • proof that your campsite is set up = score from 0 to 10
  • any recovery videos will be a bonus of 10 points (if you are recovering someone else)
  • Biggest Fish Caught = bonus 10 points
  • If anyone loses their car to the ocean automatically win the bonus dumb arse prize and loses 5 points
  • checking in before 6 pm 01/09/2021 is an automatic 10 points
  • checking in at the old salt creek general store on exit by 1 pm on 03/09/2021 will get you a boost of 15 extra points
  • All up there are 80 Points you can occur to be in the running for first place final judgement will be made by myself and 2 other judges (yet to be appointed)


  • All media and video journals to be timestamped with actual footage from this weekend
  • All video journals are to be posted by 7.30 pm 08/09/2021 or they won't be judged
  • Finished video journals must be posted as a comment along with a screenshot or picture of your prepurchased ticket to the post in the link at the bottom of this descríption
  • Remember this area is classed as a public road area and all Australian road rules and laws apply
  • This area is also a protected national park area. Anyone caught breaching national park rules or being cruel to any nature and wildlife will be immediately disqualified and asked to leave the event
  • Keep in mind that all entries must be self-sufficient all weekend as there are no shops, toilets and limited phone reception along this stretch of coast
  • There are plenty of camping spots along the beach so find a spot set up camp and enjoy your weekend make sure you drink responsibly and make sure there is always a designated sober driver in case of any emergency


1ST PRIZE = $1000   2ND PRIZE = $500   3RD PRIZE = $100



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