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Recall Workshop

Fed up with your dog running off, not listening to you?

Want to be able to let them off and not be in a panic about them not coming back?

Then this two and a half hour beginners workshop. (with breaks) is for you!

There are three exercises, that I consider to be the most important, that you will ever teach your dog. The recall in number two. The first and third we will discuss on the day.

If you don't teach your dog anything else, let it be these three things.

The recall, in my opinion, is the second most important.

It will also touch on how to build the foundations of the first and third most important... All three of these exercises have the potential to save your dogs life!

This 2.5 hour workshop will include:

• Teach your dog to come back to the whistle
• Long lines will be used in training the recall.
• Learn how to keep your dogs focus on you with distractions.
• All ages of dog welcome.
• I will be showing you and teaching in fun positive reward style with praise, treats and your dogs favourite toy.
• We will also touch on the first and third most important exercise's

We will briefly discuss the first and third.

• 2.5 hr workshop
• There will be a maximum of 8 dogs.
• Please PM me for more info or to book.

• Reward based training.

• Sorry but this course is not suitable for reactive dogs. Please contact us for help if this is the case.

• NOT an off lead socialisation. There will be an opportunity but only when asked to by the Trainer.

A percentage of the fee, will be donated to rescues we support.

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