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Qualia 2019 Outdoor Music Festival

Welcome Home & Welcome to Qualia Outdoor Festival 2019!! Where the Milky Way is just a fingertip away, and fresh ground water a gulp from quenching your thirst. Our venue provides all the necessities you need in order to enjoy yourself with or without the music. Hiking trails that lead you to a breathtaking views of the festival and city.

Beings from all walks of life and out of this world will move as one & together we are able to expand consciousness, express our innermost emotions, uplift & nourish, not only ourselves, but also our brothers & sisters on the dance-floor. Under the beam of the moon and the warmth up the sun we will take part of this journey!

We will have 2 stages of non-stop music throughout the weekend. You camp where you park and enjoy what nature has to offer. Food vendors with vegetarian, vegan, and meat options will be available. This is as an event not to be missed! Grab your tickets before they’re no longer available online!

Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/315993415997543/


Email us at [email protected] to obtain directions. Directions will be sent week of event.




12:00 PM

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