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NYE 2-Night Hotel Takeover

Pool Party & NYE Party

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JSN (Sapphires) will be hosting our famous amazing Two Night NYE Hotel Takeover in Delavan, WI.


Saturday night will be an amazing POOL Party with a great DJ. Please bring some shots to share or your favorite bottle to share with friends. The pool and hot tub can be fully nude. This party starts at 8pm and goes all night. Bring your floaties and your coolers and enjoy the night with friends.



Sunday night is the NYE Dance Party. We will have our favorite DJ Tommy playing all your dance hits and taking your requests. The Pool and Hot tub will also be open and fully nude all night - but please wear a suit when the day cleaning staff is on site at the hotel. We will provide some sort of late night snacks, water bottles, a photography area and also two public Playrooms for all to enjoy. Join us in the main area for the Champagne Midnight toast!!!!! There will be cash prizes for a few of the most elegantly dressed couples in attendance which will be announced at 9:30pm from the DJ Booth. Must be present to win. The judging will be done by silent judges walking around.



Couples pricing: December 30th is $25.00 for pool party. (Room cost is extra)

December 30th & 31st is $75.00. (Room cost is extra)

December 31st is $65.00. (Room cost is extra)


CASH ACCEPTED AT THE DOOR. Door costs are higher than prepaid fees.


Single Females: December 30th is $10.00.

December 30th and 31st together is $40.00.

December 31st is $35.00. Door costs are higher than online fees.


All room rates are the same at $169.00 + tax per night= $191.82. This is main hotel pricing.  You don't pay for the hotel room until the day of. If you end up cancelling your hotel room, you must let me know beforehand.


There are two overflow hotels close by as an option now that the main hotel is full. One is half mile away and the other is 2 miles from main hotel. You don't need a room at the main hotel to attend the event. These overflow hotels also fill up quickly for the major holidays.


Refunds are allowed (minus ALL transaction fees and service fees) up until Dec. 15 and you must text Jen directly to request a refund. After Dec. 15th no refunds are given. NO exceptions.

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All sales are final (No returns)

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No exchange

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How did you like the event?

How did you like the event?


Jan 30, 2024
by: Justin Vollmar

How did you like the event?

 Play area was not usable since they kept the door open for smoking which was sucked back into the room making it smell like cigarettes. Yuck! The open door made it freezing cold in the play area. Cold is not the best for playtime activities! Wanted to be able to play at the party but had to leave party, go back to the room to play.

Jan 07, 2024
by: Jason Carlson

How did you like the event?

   Great location, fabulous people, a memorable end to the year and start to 2024!

Jan 02, 2024
by: Juliana Clark

How did you like the event?


Jan 02, 2024
by: Jeremy Jones

How did you like the event?


Jan 01, 2024
by: Traver Weber

How did you like the event?

   Very well organized and super fun!!!

Jan 01, 2024
by: Nikki Bester

How did you like the event?

   Both nights were fantastic. Great people in it. Welcoming environment with Lindsey of opportunities to opt out for it.

Jan 01, 2024
by: Sarah Tarjeson

How did you like the event?


Dec 31, 2023
by: Eric Griffin
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