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Mysterious Monroe House

Saturday June 11, 2022


Do you have the courage to join Riverside Iowa Paranormal as we go behind the locked doors of the Mysterious Monroe House in Hartford City, Indiana?  A location so terrifying that it was dubbed the “Demon House” on Paranormal Lockdown.

Records indicate that the first foundation for the house was laid in the 1860s, and legends maintain that the house has had a bad vibes since day one.  Residents have been chased from the house by strange sights, sounds and shadowy figures that made their lives unbearable.  Records also indicate that no one lived in the house for more than a year at a time during its first century in existence. In the 1990s, rumors spread of occult activity in the house. 

One thing nearly everyone agrees on is that there are some serious disturbances in the basement.  On an episode of “Paranormal Lockdown” human remains were discovered in the basement crawlspace, launching an official police investigation. According to a local funeral home director, the remains were “at least 100 years old,” but they were sent away to an Indiana university for further testing. At this point, the identity of the person who was entombed in the “Demon House” basement remains unknown.

Only 8 VIP tickets for this Epic Event are available. 

Admission to the event includes:

  • 7:00 p.m. Check in and tour of Mysterious Monroe House
  • 8:00 p.m. Investigation begins.  You will have full access to the house until 7 a.m.
  • Be sure to bring your sleeping bag.  You can also pitch a tent in the backyard.

All Tickets Sales are final. Due to this, consider purchasing the "Event Cancellation Policy" offered at check-out. Please review its policies and restriction before purchasing.
Ghost hunting should be handled with maturity, respect, and seriousness. Zero Tolerance for alcohol/drug consumption right prior, during or after the event; Not Liable for injury before, during or after the event. Under 18? Please ask the Event manager before purchasing. 
Events are subject to change, as a result of uncontrollable circumstances. This includes location, talent and time/date. When this occurs you will be given an opportunity to keep the updated ticket (including new date/time). If this is an inconvenient change, you will be given full credit for another one of our events (specific to the event managers, not of all Thriller Events).
Absolutely no refunds will be applied.
By purchasing ticket(s) to this event, it confirms you have read, understand and accept these conditions and rules. 
Thank you for your engagement!


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How did you like the event

  Professional, welcoming team! They really make you feel like part of the event and make all guests feel very comfortable!

Jun 12, 2022
by: Jake Lanagan
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