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Missouri Sate Penitentiary - Get Haunted/NESPR - Paranormal Experience

Saturday, June 1, 2024, 7:00 p.m.


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GET HAUNTED invites you, regardless of your level of experience, to join us and investigate with us, a massive location that has been called "the bloodiest 47 acres in America” … the MISSOURI STATE PENITENTIARY! This time, we are bring N.E.S.P.R. and some of the artifacts from the world-famous Warren's Occult Museum .. including the SHADOW DOLL!


Do NOT miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the NESPR team, get up close and personal with some of the world's most famous haunted objects, and …. investigate them alongside N.E.S.P.R. and the Get Haunted crew.


IMPORTANT: Because of the unique nature of this investigation, we will have groups broken down to a manageable size and rotated throughout MOST of the evening.


Photo-Ops and Meet and Greets will occur throughout the night.

You will have access to the Gas Chamber, A-Hall and the Dungeon, Housing Unit 3 gen. pop, Death Row, and 3-D, and of course, the Women's Block.


The logistics behind this experience were challenging because we wanted to be mindful and ensure that everyone receives fair time in each location within MSP - and with the objects.


This is it ! Get Haunted and NESPR bringing it to one of Get Haunted's favorite locations .. Missouri State Penitentiary!


Brief History - The Missouri State Penitentiary, the oldest operating prison west of the Mississippi, opened its doors in 1836 and was finally shut down in 2004. With 168 years of history, it certainly had its share of executions, murders, escapes and riots.
From 1937 to 1989, a total of 40 inmates were executed in the gas chamber, 39 men and 1 woman. Over time, many serious assaults took place, which resulted in the nickname “the bloodiest 47 acres in America”. The early years saw many escapes, partly due to an unsecure perimeter. Escape attempts continued throughout the 1900s and while a few made it, many did not.

The Penitentiary made national headlines in 1954 when a violent riot broke out within its walls. Nearly 2,500 inmates were running loose, starting fires, and creating a nightmare of chaos that lasted almost 14 hours.


Paranormal Activity – With its long and vicious past, is it any wonder that the activity experienced here is nothing short of incredible. Shadow figures, apparitions, and being touched, both physically and emotionally have been reported within this massive location. Loud bangs and footsteps have been heard and the odors of smoke and body odor from unseen sources have also occurred. The question that remains is .. Are you brave enough to face these spirits with us?


• Check in begins approximately 20 minutes prior to the event start time
• Welcome and introductions
• Historical talk or tour, if available
• Break into smaller groups where we investigate WITH you, discussing and utilizing various investigative techniques, equipment, and methodologies
• Between sessions, we will regroup and recap what was experienced
• Once group sessions and recaps are complete, you are free to borrow our equipment and explore on your own
• Various experiments and challenges will be offered during free time
• Breaks, as needed, between sessions
• Snack and refreshments will be available all night


What to Expect -
• A clean and legitimate investigation - nothing is faked or staged and we will try to debunk everything as much as we can.
• A balanced approach to investigating from all angles – scientifically, spiritually, psychologically.
• A respectful investigation … we respect the spirits, the location, and each other. We will not tolerate provocation, drunken or rowdy behavior, or damaging or defacing anything onsite.
• While we cannot guarantee a paranormal experience, we can guarantee you an experience in the paranormal!


What You Should Bring -
• A flashlight (red would be best)
• A camera
• An open mind
• A sense of humor
• Any of your own equipment (and we have plenty to borrow)
• And… a bit of courage!


*Photos courtesy of Missouri Penn Tours website.



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How did you like the event?

How did you like the event?

   Awesome place and people!

Jun 02, 2024
by: Denise Brubaker
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