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LUMBAGO, a witty modern Greek play written by Manolis Korres and directed by Stavros Economidis.

Performed in Greek with English surtitles.

A play with delightful humour and authentically human scenes, with characters so real, you are sure to recognize them amongst your family and friends. Written with lively wit that brings spontaneous laughter to audiences of all ages!

Nikos, an arrogant and chauvinistic businessman, is facing bankruptcy, he’s about to lose it all. A sudden bout of lumbago is all he needs! At the thought of losing her home and social stature, his wife, Mary, who has no idea about business, takes charge. Will she succeed?

Aunt Olga who has come from the village witnesses the situation unfold. We also meet Mary’s friend Rena who is single and desperate to find her soul mate and Pavlidis, Niko’s employee and confidant who is willing to do anything for his boss.

Cast in order of appearance: Mimika Valaris (Aunt Olga), Evelyn Tsavalas (Rena), John Daviskas (Nikos), Marion Anthi (Mary) & Michael Falaras (Pavlidis)

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4.7 / 5.0 based on 6 reviews

How did you like the event?

How did you like the event?

    the themes and actors are excellent I feel the low attendance is likely multi faceted in my subjective and non academic view the themes - norms and values about monies- inheritances male and female stereotypes - suspected infidelity prevail in most societies suicide-/ high education costs- refugees- detention - Gaza LGBQTI trans how much value does one place in attending a theatre in person ? how much does one ( of any age) prioritize themes

Nov 25, 2023
by: Marcia Tsimboukis

How did you like the event?

 A very enjoyable display of good acting and a thoughtful script. I believe that the script needs to be "tightened" a little bit so as to avoid a degree of repetitiveness that was displayed. I think that, given the circumstances, the very energetic and knowledgeable cast did a fantastic job! One small, but important point for those that are not fully fluent in the nuances of the Greek language, is to ensure that the subtitles are visible in their entirety.

Nov 24, 2023
by: Tony Papadopoulos

How did you like the event?


Nov 24, 2023
by: Michelle Orr

How did you like the event?


Nov 19, 2023
by: Penelope Bistaros

How did you like the event?


Nov 19, 2023
by: Nicki KKrobas

How did you like the event?

 The theatre is easily accessible, with plenty of parking close to the venue. The cast was exceptional as always, the play had it's moments, I found it a little

Nov 18, 2023
by: Chris Koutouridis
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