Does your dog always end up looking like the dog from spec savers after you have tried to give them a trim?
Not happy with the way your Groomer finishes them?
Wish you knew how to trim them yourself?

Now you can!

Learn from one of the best Golden Retriever Groomers in the County, if not the Country.

Showing dogs since she was 3 years old and working them in the field for over 15 years, Sarah has been grooming dogs professionally since she was 15 years old! Currently she owns 9 dogs, most of them Goldens. Given this experience, Sarah knows a thing or two about Goldens.

Sarah has run her own successful Grooming Salon, in Saffron Walden, Tops and Tails, for over 20 years, people travel far and wide to bring their dogs to be preened and pampered.

Sarah is going to come and give a demonstration to participants, then Sarah and I will go around and help you all to trim your Goldens.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to have the best turned out Golden's in town!

This is very much a HANDS ON Workshop. There will be a demo lasting up to an hour, Q&A's then the rest of the time will be you grooming and trimming your Golden, under our guidance. The best way to learn is by taking part.

By taking part in this workshop you will potentially save yourselves 100's of pounds in Grooming fees and will be able to turn your dog out just the way you like them.

Please note it is only one dog per booking and per handler.

Please also only bring dogs that will let you groom and brush them. I am afraid in this workshop we will not be able to help dogs that do not let you near them. We can, however, discuss a 121 option with you, to work on them letting you groom and trim them.

To register an interest in taking part and find out details on costs etc please email [email protected]

A percentage of the fee, will be donated to rescues we support.

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