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How to Build Your Bedroom Confidence: A Hands-On Sex Skills

Join sex educators Hunter Riley and Reid Mihalko for a 2-day

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Do you feel like the realm of relationship and sex advice can be overwhelming? Are you taking workshops but wish you had MORE TIME to dive deeper, get your questions answered, and actually practice techniques rather than just taking notes? Unlearning the cultural shame around embracing your sexuality takes time and intention. When you add in communication, dating, flirting, fucking, and keeping intimacy and desire present in your relationships that can feel like a lot to handle.

Join sex educators Hunter Riley and Reid Mihalko for a 2-day intensive workshop to help you develop the necessary skills for building healthy relationships, thriving connections, and resilient sexual self-confidence that keep you coming back for more.

Friday Nights Bonus Class: This class will help prime you for the weekend giving you an idea of what we will be diving into while also giving you some great approaches to designing date nights that get you laid. It will provide a space for you to come up with questions, and help us focus the event on your wa.

Saturday: Well start with the foundation of happy, healthy relating - you! From communication techniques to relationship styles to understanding your own fantasies and desires and how to honor and manage feelings of shame, the first day in this series helps build a strong foundation for you and your relationships. We will end Day 1 with a food truck lunch and social hour! Grab some food, and join us for a Q&A luncheon/celebration before participants go home for some of the best homework assignments youll ever get!

Sunday: Join us for Day 2 as we dive into the dirty details of sex skills and how YOU can give and receive massive amounts of pleasure. Well cover techniques with hands, mouths, genitals, toys and body mechanics. Well also cover some of the important principals of exploring rough sex, anal play and maintaining an element of play in your relationships.

This workshop intensive is designed for people of all genders, orientations, relationship styles and statuses. You must be 18 to attend. The workshop will feature self exploration, discussions, skill-building exercises, live demos on fruit, toys and more. There will be no nudity or actual sex, though we will laugh and talk frankly about explict techniques of an adult nature!

Come by yourself and enjoy getting to know the most important sexual relationship - you! Or come with a partner/s or close friend/s and learn how the techniques delivered in this class can have a profound impact on all your relationships, from platonic, professional, romantic and beyond.

When: Saturday Nov. 2nd from 10am - 2pm (Food truck lunch & Q&A)
Sunday: Nov. 3rd from 10am - 2pm
Bonus night! Friday: Nov. 1st 7:30pm - 9pm - How to Build Dates That Blow Their Mind
Where: Self Serve Classroom - 114 Morningside Dr. NE
Cost: $150 per person, $250 for 2 people ($50 savings). 24 person limit

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