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Hot Composting: More Compost, Less Time!!

Part II

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After a few years of gardening we all realize that adding rich organic matter is vital to good growing. Feeding the soil, building the soil, making soil rich in fungi and microbes by giving it the necessary building blocks is a major stepping stone in soil health. Feed your soil, and your soil feeds you!
     One way to add organic matter rich in soil building components is using COMPOST! Are you tired of purchasing compost? Are you tired of waiting a year for your compost to produce a few shovel fulls from what seemed like a mountain of kitchen waste collected over the past year?!?! Are you concerned about smelly rotting food and attracting unwanted pests? If so, HOT COMPOSTING is the answer!
PART II: Virtual Hands on Workshop.
Join us as we show you how to compost. We'll present our 3-bin hot composting method and troubleshoot common problems so you can start your own hot compost like a PRO!
35 minutes. 

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