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3.67 / 5.00 based on 3 reviews

How did you like the event?

How did you like the event?


Mar 04, 2021
by: Peggy Kieff

How did you like the event?

   Their bleachers are horrible. Twice I lost stuff between the bleachers. Also, they did a very poor job in social distancing. Some of their fans literally came in and sat right on top of us. A few of us had to move our seats because of it. We found it quite rude. They do have a great scoreboard. They started on time which was great! However, the bleachers are a big no for me.

Mar 04, 2021
by: Lisa Kramer

How did you like the event?

   I was disappointed that Trinity fans did not adhere to the 6 foot social distancing guidelines.

Mar 04, 2021
by: Jodie Kline
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