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Come investigate the haunted David Stewart farm in Gettysburg with Dave Juliano and Team.  In 1863, after the battle of Gettysburg, many of the homes and barns were used as hospitals. This 96-acre farm was the largest confederate field hospital.  Its right along the road they used to leave the battle.   Despite the death and suffering, the farm is a positive place with spirits whose lives span 3 centuries.  Some of the claims include phantom footsteps and shadow man in the barn.  The area around the farmhouse is very active and there may be a spirit or two inside.   The most active place by far are the grounds.  They are incredibly active and have been known for an entire regiment being seen in the field.   Plan to do a lot of outside investigating on over 96 acres of civil war history!   

This is your investigation.  You can investigate at any pace you want, roam the buildings + property and feel free to bring any personal equipment.  Dave and the team will be there to help and answer questions.  Dave will bring some of the newest pieces of equipment from The GhostHunter Store so you can see them being used in an actual investigation and get a chance to try them out!  This is a rain or shine event.

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How did you like the event

How did you like the event


Nov 13, 2022
by: Vivian Wright

How did you like the event

   The barn was very active. We had one of our best meter response sessions.

Nov 13, 2022
by: Steven Thompson
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