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Gaslight (Angel Street)

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A Broadway hit first produced on the West End under the title Gaslight and filmed twice,Angel Street tells the story of the Manninghams, who live on Angel Street in 19th century London. As the curtain rises, all appears to be the essence of Victorian tranquility. It is soon apparent, however, that Mr. Manningham, a suavely handsome man, is slowly driving his gentle, devoted wife, Bella, to the brink of insanity with an insinuating kindness that masks more sinister motives. While he is out, Mrs. Manningham has an unexpected caller: amiable, paternal Inspector Rough from Scotland Yard. Rough is convinced that Mr. Manningham is a homicidal maniac wanted for a murder committed fifteen years earlier in this very house. Gradually, the inspector restores Bella’s confidence in herself and, as the evidence against Manningham unfolds, the author has built and sustained some of the most brilliant, suspenseful sequences in modern theatre.

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4.20 / 5.00 based on 15 reviews

How did you like the event?

How did you like the event?


Jun 11, 2022
by: Kaye Osborne

How did you like the event?


May 13, 2022
by: Mckenzie Mary

How did you like the event?


Apr 10, 2022
by: April Caldwell

How did you like the event?


Apr 02, 2022
by: Eva Martin

How did you like the event?


Dec 12, 2021
by: Donna Daniel

How did you like the event?

    The whole production, cast and scene setting were wonderful. A lot of work went into this play. Enjoyed the show tremendously.

Dec 11, 2021
by: Diana Ratliff

How did you like the event?

   I loved it!!

Nov 03, 2021
by: Paula Bauer

How did you like the event?

     Very good play but a bit disturbing because of the subject matter. Excellent cast!!

Oct 30, 2021
by: Martha Barker

How did you like the event?

   PLT blew this one out of the park. From the detailed set to Every character that was cast perfectly the ensemble came together for an unforgettable rendition of this classic.

Oct 29, 2021
by: Randy Trevino

How did you like the event?

   Angel street was one of the best performances we’ve seen at little theatre, and Nate marcum was outstanding ,

Oct 25, 2021
by: Donna Nichols

How did you like the event?

   It was incredible! Sandi Dutiel was outstanding as Mrs. Manningham.

Oct 24, 2021

How did you like the event?

   Great performance!

Oct 24, 2021
by: Lindsay Mantell

How did you like the event?

   The cast did a wonderful job. Highly recommend. The theater is well on her way to becoming magnificent. The supporting staff make you feel at home.

Oct 23, 2021
by: Penny Marcum

How did you like the event?

   Amazing. Best yet!

Oct 23, 2021
by: Mike Mustain

How did you like the event?

 Such great performances by all. Please take time to see this play that takes on the the subject of brutality of verbal, mental and physical abuse. Allow the cast to take you back in time where a young wife who is being manipulated to believe she may be losing her mind. There is an intimate feeling while you are in this Little Theater. So please come and support Portsmouth Little Theater.

Oct 23, 2021
by: Linda Crabtree
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