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Fright Night at

The Fowler Theatre & Benton County Jail

Saturday, April 2, 2022

Join the Indiana Chapter of Riverside Iowa Paranormal for a terrifying two location event this spring!  That’s right you get to investigate both the historic Fowler Theatre and the Old Benton County Jail.

The Fowler Theatre

The Historic Fowler Theater, built in 1940 where part of an old hotel once stood, is known for its beautifully restored Art Deco look and feel, but beyond the ornate, outward appearance, there is a history of mysterious noises, shadows and strange activity.  Doors open and slam shut on their own accord, people report hearing disembodied voices, voices whispering in the halls or speaking in the theatre otherwise known to be vacant.

The Old Benton County Jail

The old Benton County Jail, built in 1876, once held Jacob Nelling, a man accused of brutally murdering a 15 year old girl. Jacob never got his time in court as a group of men decided his fate after storming the jail and dragging him to a short distance from the home of the murdered girl where he was hanged for all to see. Other stories are not as widely known, but according to former Sheriff Lawrence Wiemken, “There are eight old cells down there where people were chained to the walls until they either confessed or went crazy. It makes your hair curl just to think about it.” (Journal and Courier, 3/28/1969)

Join us for a spine tingling night of investigation at these two terrifying locations!  Only 15 tickets are available so get yours today!!!



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Ghost hunting should be handled with maturity, respect, and seriousness. Zero Tolerance for alcohol/drug consumption right prior, during or after the event; Not Liable for injury before, during or after the event. Under 18? Please ask the Event manager before purchasing. 
Events are subject to change, as a result of uncontrollable circumstances. This includes location, talent and time/date. When this occurs you will be given an opportunity to keep the updated ticket (including new date/time). If this is an inconvenient change, you will be given full credit for another one of our events (specific to the event managers, not of all Thriller Events).
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How did you like the event

How did you like the event

     Lots of fun. Great locations.

Apr 05, 2022
by: Matthew Schroeder

How did you like the event


Apr 04, 2022
by: Brent Stephens

How did you like the event


Apr 03, 2022
by: Dawn Hull
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