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Free Fred Brown!

Free Fred Brown! is a devised theatre piece about a young black man who becomes the reluctant face of a movement while in prison for “theft of services” from the National Gas Company.
Fred is from Uptown - a frontline community at the epicenter of economic, racial, and climate justice in a rust-belt city identical to Buffalo, NY. When a surprise snow storm wreaks havoc on the region, Uptown suffers most and demands explanations. What happened? Who is responsible? And how do we make sure it doesn't happen again?

Free Fred Brown! is a peek into the lives of the individuals who
make a community what it is. Who knows? Maybe you'll find a bit of yourself in the performance.

There is no admission charge for the Aug. 3 and 4 performances of Free Fred Brown. If you would like to make a donation, you are welcomed to do so on the night of the performance. Thank you for your support!

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