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Felt Dog Workshop with Cynthia Treen

In this intensive (and fun!) Felt Dog workshop, lunch, snacks, and supplies are all included.

You need only to bring yourself, and a joyful attitude!
Beginner and experienced adult stitchers are welcome.

In the class, students will create one charming felt dog and learn the process to make and decorate many more!

Students may take home a collection of head, ear and tail patterns to expand their felt canine family!

Class begins at 10 am and will run until 7 pm.
Six students total per class

We will learn:

Learn the basics of hand stitching with felt
Learn tricks and tips for easy needle threading
Learn which thread to use for hand stitching felt and why
Learn how to keep thread organized
Learn how to cut paper patterns accurately
Learn how to cut small felt pattern pieces accurately
Learn techniques for even spacing of hand-sewn seams
Learn how to make knots flush with the surface of your fabric
Learn how to hide knots under the felt's surface at the end of a stitch line
And I will share my favorite tools, notions and fur coloring techniques
and much more!

I look forward to meeting you all!



Be aware that we have two friendly dogs on the premises who are sure to announce your arrival with some enthusiastic barking.

If you have dog allergies, please do not sign up for this workshop as I can not guarantee a pet free zone. 







10:00 AM

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