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Fares Karam & Tony Eid in concert

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Helm Presents Fares Karam & Tony Eid in concert on May 7th, 2022 at the Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center in Aurora, CO. Mother's Day / Eid Concert & Fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. You can purchase your tickets online at www.hcsc.online or call 720-366-7605

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2.80 / 5.00 based on 5 reviews

How did you like the event?

How did you like the event?


Sep 12, 2022
by: Ansam Mitri

How did you like the event?

   Not organized, I didn't get the seat the one I bought. I'm very disappointed

May 11, 2022
by: Khadija Zahri

How did you like the event?

   The event was good, I wish we were able to have better food

May 09, 2022
by: Wedad Azzam

How did you like the event?

   It would have been nice if there was no separation between all the tables. It felt like other people were trapped and unimportant. I understand charging more for tables closer to the stage but the division was horrible and I did not think it worked that great because many were crossing the "boundary" so to speak anyway. I have been to many events and I have never seen such ridiculous set-up. Fares was amazing however and thank you for bringing him to Denver!

May 09, 2022
by: Nabil HADDAD

How did you like the event?

  We were told to be there early so the event can start at 8pm exactly. Event started 2 1/2 hrs later, caios every where. Was not organized at all, sound was imperfect. Will not do that again. Very disappointing.

May 08, 2022
by: Munj Sawaged
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