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An Introduction to Warriors Eskrima

Let’s explore the world of Filipino Martial Arts and the depth of the weapons system offered by Warriors Eskrima.
Under Pangulong Guro Krishna Godhania's Institute of Filipino Martial Arts we will examine a true art and study the utility of each weapon and range.
Learn how each weapon system does not share exactly the same attributes and how this evolved system accounts for the necessity of controlling space, force and time.
One attribute each weapon does share, however, is found within the footwork. From the staff to empty hand, explore the universal truths held within the footwork of Warriors Eskrima.
Each monthly workshop will look at different modules with the Warriors System such as: panantukan, dining, knife, single stick, double stick, Amaras and disarms, sword, sword and knife and stick and knife.
All that before we even discuss hatchets and projectile weapons.
The first three hour seminar will explore a range of the modules while subsequent monthly workshops will begin to explore them in depth.
Bring coffee and an open mind. Don’t worry about fitness, this is for all ages and ability. If you are considering finally adding a weapons platform to your striking or grappling, want to outsource your weapons, want to try something different or something new come and have fun.
At Evolved FMA we have catered for the absolute novice to the seasoned practitioner.
The only exception we make is that we will not take under 18s. Our integrity and responsibility means we have to withhold the more serious elements of knife work from children no matter how mature they are. It can be a very dark subject at the more evolved levels you will explore.
Bring whatever sticks and knives you have, safety glasses are a must for the more robust knife work. We have weapons and glasses for sale at the venue. The weapons for sale come straight from Caloocan City in the Philippines. Any pads we have are from Thailand because, well, they are better.
We promise not to talk as much on the day.
Particpants can also benefit from additional private workshops, ad hoc training sessions, specialist workshops and of course ‘Sticks in the Park’ (but only if the weather is good!)
See you there,
Evolved FMA

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