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May 18, 2024

Event Flyer


JSN is happy to announce a NEW VENUE you do NOT want to miss. This sexy theme-styled hotel is truly unique. They have themed suites, original suites, and also standard rooms. The faster you register, the faster you get to choose your room style.


Date: Saturday, May 18, 2024 starting at 7pm.


Location: Mount Horeb/Mineral Point/One Hour west of Madison area. Exact location is only given out to REGISTERED GUESTS. No sharing this information PLEASE. Must be kept confidential as this is a first time using this hotel.



THEME IS: ADULT PROM - so ladies bring out those long elegant dresses and men should think about suit jackets, vests, ties, dress slacks. This is not mandatory but you definitely don't want to be the only couple wearing something casual. Ladies you can find long elegant dresses on Shein for like $10 and men I am sure you have your funeral/wedding attire in your closet. This doesn't have to be expensive - this is meant to be FUN!!!! By 11pm - It will be time to change into some sexy elegant lingerie - think babydolls for the ladies and maybe a robe for the men.







You can enjoy an indoor and outdoor pool with whirlpool/hot tub. We are not sure at this point whether or not nudity will be allowed, so bring your suits just in case or at least some pasties. In the final details that go out, I will let everyone know if nudity is allowed. You can also look forward to a hot breakfast on Sunday morning. The Fantasy Suite Themed Rooms are larger than the Original suites and Regular rooms. Most Suites also include a private whirlpool in the rooms - AND THEY ARE BIG.



Premier Level are the Fantasy Suites for $210 - so Register EARLY to have your chance at staying in one of them. I will give you those DETAILS after your registration is complete. You MUST keep this information strictly confidential. DO NOT SHARE what I tell you after registration.  SOLD OUT



Mid level are the Original Themed Suites for $150 that you can pick from. You will get all these options after registration below. SOLD OUT


Cheapest level are the Standard rooms which include: two queen beds, two double beds, or one king bed. These rooms are $90. SOLD OUT.



A ROOM CRAWL will be set up. For everyone staying in one of the Premier or Mid Level Suites, PLEASE let me know if you would be willing to "show off your room" during a Room Crawl. Guests would line up in the lobby and then we'd walk to each of the willing participant's rooms so everyone can see all the different themes. Most likely this would take place Saturday around 9pm.



The Main hotel will not be able to fit the entire party crowd for the night. We will also have an overflow hotel nearby for anyone not able to book the main hotel. It is extremely close by - only 0.2 miles away. Seriously it is a 4 MINUTE WALK and is located across the street.  If you want the overflow hotel's information, please register for the event and then check your email.  



Couples are $65.00 if staying at main hotel. Room costs are separate.

Single Males (limited and approved) are $80.00 if staying at main hotel. Room costs are separate.

Single Females are $30.00 if staying at main hotel. Room costs are separate.



Couples are $50.00 to attend the event and not staying overnight.

Males $70.00 to attend the event and not staying overnight.

Females $20.00 to attend the event and not staying overnight.



OVERFLOW HOTEL IS RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET - WALKING DISTANCE. This information is given out to registered guests only.


Refunds are given up until May 1, 2024 minus all transaction fees and service fees.  You must contact Jen directly at 262-716-8056 to request this.  

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All sales are final (No returns)

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No exchange

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