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2021 PROM

Event Flyer

1-3% of total cost (around $100+) goes to

charity purposes such as the epilepsy foundation, ASPCA, PETA, aniMEALS, breast cancer awareness, etc. 


event will have places to put and hang shoes or clothing, snacks, drinks, disco ball, photo booth, DJ and dance floor, raffle prize, bathrooms, and more! 

formal attire! You can wear anything as long as it's formal (girls can wear long dresses or tuxedos same with guys we don't gender discriminate) 

prom king and queen will be randomized we will chose a male and female randomly out of bucket or hat 


Use this link to request songs https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1QugZMIJ4-T5PWpeIGyV3L3rMoRGdGO-pakP8Z-vRV-g/edit

cuss words will most likely not be censored but it is not up to us if it is.


masks are encouraged but NOT REQUIRED however it is up to you to make that decision whether you have been vaccinated or not.


MAKE SURE YOU SIGN WAIVER AFTER BUYING TICKET YOU WILL NOT BE LET IN UNTIL YOU DO SO :) (for liability purposes) you can find it near the bottom of your email after purchasing ticket. (Blue link)

People who do not purchase ticket will be asked respectfully to leave 

Returns Policy:

Returns accepted up to 72 hours before the event.

Service charges may apply for the return of tickets as follows:

  1. Return for store credit: 0.00% of the ticket price is deducted
  2. Refund to your credit card: 0.00% of the ticket price is deducted

Exchange / Upgrade Policy:

No exchange

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How did you like the event?


Jun 10, 2021
by: Leah Swackhammer
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