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Rebirth From The Truth (Cancelled due to City Water Main)

How Much Time Do You Think You Have?

We have heard the statements "Life is just too short", "Wow, I would have never thought", "Where did the time go?", "Seems like yesterday" 

However, in our daily lives, we have truly trained our minds and actions to plan things with the expectation that we will be allowed to get things done.  Whether it is to plan a vacation, complete college, see our children graduate, marriage, to planning to meet with friends and family for the weekend, or just looking forward to end of day or a work day.  Why do we think that the next moments in time are guaranteed to be there for us?  What happens when our plans have a major uncontrolled interruption?  Do you always have a plan b or even c?  What happens when alternates plans do not work?  We are guilty of taking time as well as a lot of things for granted.  So let me ask you again, How Much Time Do You Think You Have?  

Please come and spend some time with me on this journey, Lord willing.  Will you come?




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