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KyP217 Vendor Party

Semi-Private Shopping Event

KyP217 Advertising Semi-Private Shopping Event

Hey y'all! This is your chnce to Shop without interruption. Most times the vendor you love is in the building and you're super stoked until it's time for the event to start. You wanna keep shopping and are nervous that the item you want may not be available when you get a chance to do so. No need to worry!!! The Vendors Are The Main Event! This event is exclusively for you. A chance to check out your faves, while scoping out new possibilities.

Listen up Promoters, Hosts, Organizers and Planners......... Find new and awesome Vendors for your next event.

Read carefully Jewelry Shoppers...........Here's your chance to diversify your closet and add uniqueness to your style. Also opprtunities to get free jewelry.






12:00 PM

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