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Breaking the Code

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August 28
Claudia McGarry presents

Breaking the Code

Starring Gul Saeed, Shelly Best, Heather T. Wilson, Shari Howard, Philip Moreno, Claire Waterhouse, Marlene Matosiam, Ashley Jones and,

Directed by Jordana Lawrence

Christy Pastence is a somewhat lonely almost 50 year old widow playwright living in the Upper West, N.Y.C. She meets a young Pakistani American named Moutaz on a park bench in Central Park. They strike up a conversation and agree to meet there again. Their friendship leads to romance. Around this time, her younger sister lands on her doorstep in need of comfort and a place to live. “Rana,” a pessimist and hypochondriac, is burdened and obsessed by a nagging question: did her husband die by accident or on purpose when he chose to lie down on train tracks as a part of a recent war protest?  Moutaz’s mother and Christy’s 28 year old daughter bring their own set of life’s experiences to the scenario making for a lively, humorous  journey by all five characters toward acceptance. Each character in this story has a code by which they are living but are simultaneously having a hard time breaking through in order to move forward.  A Leonard Cohen poem, “I Can't Break the Code.” inspired the premise of the play.

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