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Am I Haunted? A VIP Halloween Experience at The Haunted Clifton Theater


Am I Haunted? A VIP Halloween Experience at the Haunted Clifton Theater

This Halloween, step out of your comfort zone and embrace the extraordinary! Join Laurissa Rex, Danielle Taverna, Erica Cacchiotti, and Dave Juliano for a day of unique events at the Haunted Clifton Theater. Bring your haunted objects and let these incredible psychics read them. Engage in an occult class with Dave, and immerse yourself in a gallery reading where all three psychics combine forces to showcase their gifts. Participate in psychometry and automatic writing sessions with these talented individuals. Experience remote viewing with Katherine Sorilos from Athens, Greece. Explore the 200-year-old opera house with psychic mediums and the Palmerton Area Research Alliance, either solo or in a guided investigation. Attend a seance to connect with spirits and delve into the mysteries beyond. If you have a limited overnight spot, spend the night in the theater. Souvenir footage is available for purchase. Don't forget you will be broadcast live by Dave at Our Haunted Lives, the #1 Talk Show on PARAFlixx, the Paranormal TV Network! This Halloween season, venture into the spirit world with our guides and ponder, do you believe in ghosts?

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