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Re:Emerge Festival - Vol 2 - Community Celebration: An Evening Of Mixed Repertory

Video production of June 18 performance

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Re:Emerge - Video Volume 2
Community Celebration: An Evening Of Mixed Repertory

It is exciting to finally be seeing some bright lights ahead after all these difficult months. We are excited to be welcoming back both performers and audiences and we thought it was a great time to celebrate. 

The Re:Emerge Festival performed June 17-20 with 4 unique line-ups including live and video performances by dancers from Santa Barbara and beyond in a wide variety of dance styles and genres. For those who were not able to join us for the Festival we have created a video version. Each day of the Festival will be released as a unique video.  This is volume 2. 

Community Celebration: An Evening Of Mixed Repertory, presented June 18

Only Hope
Vasily Golovin & Jatila van der Veen
Choreography & Performance: Vasily Golovin & Jatila van der Veen

Avila Joy Edwards
Choreography: Avila Joy Edwards & Katie Cleek
Performers: Avila Joy Edwards, Katie Cleek & Maile Kai Merrick

Nartan School of Dance
Choreography: Khushbu Dalsania
Performers: Aadhya Bavkar, Aditi Shanbhag, Jayna Patel, Saanvi Joshi, Sahara Bajwa

Ganesh Pooja
Nartan Mommy Dancers
Choreography: Khushbu Dalsania
Performers: Bahvna Rahane, Deepikha Punniamoorthy, Ranjana Girish, Bhavna Rahane

Harvest Moon
Daisy Mohrman
Choreography & Performance: Daisy Mohrman

Lizard's Mouth
HR Moves/Hannah Ruth Brothers
Choreography & Performance: Hannah Ruth Brothers

A Dance Celebration of Rhythmic Unity in Diversity
Isha Ferraz
Choreography & Performance: Pauline Carey, Isha Ferraz & Cassidy Linder

Pharonic Odyssey
Alexandra King Ensemble
Choreography: Alexandra King
Performers: Blanca Blanco, Faith J. Daniels, Alexandra King, Selena Evilsizor Whitney & Trudy Verbais

The Spanish Princess
Vasily Golovin & Jatila van der Veen
Choreography & Performance: Vasily Golovin & Jatila van der Veen

Out There     
Victoria Finlayson
Choreography & Video Editing: Victoria Finlayson
Performers: Hannah Ruth Brothers, Kara Le, Susan Shaberman, Eloise Uranga

Nadamurali Gaana Vilola
Yamini Kalluri
Choreography & Performance: Yamini Kalluri

Choreography & Performance: Emily Stratton

Time to Start
The Dance Network/Coverage Tap
Choreography: Karyn Laver
Performers: Shae Cogswell, Caitlin Davis, Lauren Hovey, Lindsay Huddle, Karyn Laver & Marley Moody

Director’s Note
It goes without saying that this has been an incredibly challenging year. While many industries have been effected by the pandemic in significant ways, the performing arts—and dance in particular—have endured devastating economic and structural ramifications. COVID’s impact on the arts has been widely un-addressed at the governmental level and it is due to the unshakeable support of arts advocates, donors, and community organizers that we are here today.

For so many of us, the restrictions and limitations of the pandemic have also ushered in a lengthy period of separation, division and isolation. Through screens we worked to forge new connections, and reconnect with those who had drifted away from us. We created times to meet and “zoomed” all over the globe in an attempt to recreate the vital, human need for social interaction and community support. There is great power in community—holding the power of connection, cooperation, and understanding. After so much time apart, it is that much more meaningful to join together tonight in order to celebrate the art form that kept so many of us going this past year.

Tonight’s offerings represent many of the different aesthetics, genres and performance styles that illuminate the range and diversity within the field of dance. Representing many generations, cultural histories, creative points-of-view through both live and digital performances, the works featured tonight are an important step toward what will be a long process of the reemergence and rebuilding of our field. I invite you to open your mind and your heart, let the visceral impact of live performance invigorate you, and allow yourself to be moved.

Thank you so much for spending the evening with us, and for your
ongoing support of the performing arts. We hope to see you again soon!

—Brandon Whited, Curator/Artistic Director


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